Samsung 100D Atouchbo Premium Nano Ceramic Glass Screen Protector


  • Nano Technology
  • Full edge to edge screen
  • HD transparent view
  • Extremely scratch-resistant
  • No Fingerprints


Atouchbo 100D Nano Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Probably the best screen protector you’ll ever buy! Atouchbo 100D Nano glass screen protectors are regarded as one of the most strongest and most durable screen protectors on the market. This premium screen protector is made from a super strong, super durable material that can with-stand everything from dropping your phone on the floor, to a full on explosion! (Tried and tested)

There’s no need to regularly change screen protectors when you can have the best money can buy. Superior quality and made to the highest standards.


This screen protector offers:

– Full edge to edge screen coverage with a smooth arched edge

– HD transparent view as not to compromise the original viewing quality of your screen

– Invisible cobweb like design structure makes this screen protector explosion proof

– Extremely scratch resistant thanks to the anti-scratch protective layer

– Modified glue complex allows for quick and easy installation/removal

– Hydrophobic coating ensures fingerprints and smudges are minimal, great for people who suffer from sweaty hands

In the box:

1x Nano glass screen protector

1x Cloth wipe

1x Alcohol wipe

1x lot of various size dust stickers

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Samsung A20, Samsung A40, Samsung A50, Samsung A70, Samsung A51